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Demolition Services

demolition of a building

Whether you are planning a demolition project for your commercial or residential property, there is only one demolition company you should trust. The demolition contractors at Community Tree Service in Watsonville have the prowess you need in order to get your demolition services done right. Residential demolition is great for removing condemned houses that contain asbestos, mercury and other harmful substances. Concrete demolition is advantageous for installing a new sidewalk and driveway. If you need to remove a barn or other structure, building demolition is available. A construction project can also take place inside your home to install a new fireplace or deck. Additionally, a retaining wall can be removed by our professionals. Pool demolition is also offered for your convenience.

Specializing in Pool Demolition and Back Fill

Removing a swimming pool on your own can be dangerous, but when you hire the services of our specialists, the job gets done efficiently in no time. Although pools are typically viewed as a huge perk to many homes, eventually the time may come where it becomes more of a liability than an asset. Our experienced contractors start by draining the pool of all its water. Next, the entire structure is removed, and dirt is used as a back-fill to cover the area. At the end of the demolition service, the cavity is filled, and you can enjoy your newly renovated property.

Serving the Entire Tri-County Area

Community Tree Service provides a number of services to beautify landscapes. Safety is always a primary concern, so we also have traffic control flaggers to assist the contractors. If you have a renovation project, give us a call at 831-763-2391 to review your options. For your protection, our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured (license number: 801657).