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Forgoing Stump Removal? 3 Facts That Could Change Your Mind

Stump Removal
Perhaps you inherited a tree stump when you bought your home or maybe you just had a tree removed and decided the stump would be fine to stay. Either way, it is not at all uncommon for homeowners to forgo tree stump removal with the impression that a stump is not that big of a deal. Unfortunately, tree stumps often turn out to be more of a bother than anticipated. 
A tree service professional uses industry equipment to grind down the stump and eliminate it completely from your property. But why should you spring for this additional service? Here is a look at a few facts about tree stumps that could change your mind about forgoing tree stump removal.
1. Tree Stumps Can Lower Your Property Value
Tree stumps may not seem like a big deal, but they actually hinder the value of your property because buyers view them as unsightly and as a problematic feature they will have to remove. If you don't plan on selling your home anytime soon, this may be of no concern. However, if you care about a well-maintained property appearance, getting rid of the stump is the best option.
2. Tree Stumps Can Be a Risk on Your Property
A tree stump does not look all that threatening, which is why many property owners leave them alone. Yet, a tree stump does actually pose some risks on your property. Here are a few risks that come along with a tree stump:
Potential for Pests
Tree stumps and decaying wood are naturally attractive to some pests. For example, ants are common inhabitants of tree stumps, and so are mice and rodents, snakes and other wood-boring bugs like termites. 
Potential Trip Hazards
Tree stumps that are cut low to the ground can be hard to see among the grass. Therefore, they can easily become a property risk because they are a trip hazard for you, your family members and your guests. Even worse, stumps are a nuisance to mow around, so they often become surrounded with weeds that conceal them even further.
Potential Excess Growth Underground
While a stump seems dead, beneath it is a system of tree roots that are likely still thriving because the stump absorbs sunlight and delivers nourishment to the root system. This means even without the tree, roots can continue to grow and threaten underground septic systems, utility lines and even your home's foundation. 
When left unattended, a tree stump can be a liability risk and even leave you with unplanned maintenance to remove small trees. Plus, the underground growth of the root system can lead to costly damages you would not otherwise have to deal with.
3. Tree Stumps Can Regenerate New Trees
Tree stumps are still alive and well most of the time long after the tree is gone. They are so alive that they can regenerate new tree growth if they are not removed. If you leave a stump in place, it is possible that new growth will show up, and this is not always a slow process. 
New tree sprouts can regenerate from the stump itself, or tree sprouts can grow from the root system of the tree that is still beneath the ground and leave you with tiny, new trees all over your yard. Because the stump is still gathering nourishment above ground, you can see new trees grow from just about anywhere surrounding the stump. 
You may not see harm in keeping a tree stump around, but in reality, it is best to have these unsightly tree leftovers removed from your property. If you need help with tree stump removal, contact us at Community Tree Service Inc. & Dumpster Rentals for more information.